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Summer in Montreal Montreal, Canada 2005
Summer in Montreal is awesome. Jazz festival, Fireworks competitions, Gay pride ceremony...
Since Montreal is a multicultural city, there are many international festivals too, such as African night festival, Latino festival, even Japanese festival.
Street performers play out everywhere. People are very happy and like to go out rather than just staying home.
I like the sky in Montreal very much...


Tam-Tam Festival 2005 Montreal, Canada 2005
People like to go out for having picnic when it's a nice weather. At Mont-Royal park, Montreal, there are a lot of fun things not just having picnic.
People come to Mont-Royal park and play the tamtams (drums in Hindi) every Sunday during summer. It takes place officially from early May to late September. Normally, it starts between noon and 13:00 and it lasts until sunset.
They play not only the drums but also other instruments, such as didgeridoo, saxophone...etc We can find many dancers there too.

Hydrant scape #1 Montreal, Canada 2005
We can see hydrants everywhere in town, but have you noticed that each has different shape, size, and color?
Might it be different and interesting when seeing the street you always walk down from the viewpoint of the hydrants...

Montreal, Canada

Nature in The States USA 2001


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